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Bright Ideas for Learningart projects for kids maryann kohl

Try these free art activities for kids from MaryAnn Kohl and Bright Ring Publishing:

Hello artists!

We hope you enjoy this new selection of art activities. Remember, there is no right or wrong way for the art projects in these books to turn out! There is only YOUR way, the way of the artist.

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You, the artist, need only please yourself!

MaryAnn Kohl art activities for kids

"We are huge MaryAnn Kohl fans. I love that I always have just as much fun with the projects as my boys do." -- Kate

Painted Crackle Crayon from Great American Artists for Kids New!

Label Collage from Art with Anything New!

Scribble Dabble from Primary Art

Mixing Mouse Tracks from Storybook Art

Nam Jun Paik from Discovering Great Artists

Fridge Frame from First Art

Cereal Box Buildings from Good Earth Art

Dark Sugar Chalk from Preschool Art

Map Modeling from Mudworks

Modelado de mapas Mudworks Edicion Bilingüe

Group Clay Sculpture from Big Messy Art

Blottos from Scribble Art

Building Beans from Science Art

Framed Tin Plate from Global Art

Partner Square Painting from Math Arts

Shoebox Raceway from Making Make-Believe

Dinosaur Claws from Snacktivities

Abacus Waffles from Cooking Art

copyright © 2013 MaryAnn Kohl
All art activities are copyright protected.

Permission is granted to reprint one copy for personal use only.
Please contact us or phone 800-480-4278 for permission to reprint
multiple copies or to disperse.

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