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Dinosaur Claws – Snacktivities

Snacktivities by MaryAnn Kohlby MaryAnn F. Kohl

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Makes enough Dinosaur Claws for 5 hungry artists


1 can of refrigerator biscuits
margarine, melted
cinnamon sugar
almond slivers


oven, preheated to 425º degrees F (or according to biscuit directions)
baking sheet
pastry brush
oven mitts
squares of clean, plain cardboard
permanent markers


1. Bake the biscuits according to package directions, usually about 8 to 10 minutes.

2. Wear oven mitts and remove the baking sheet and biscuits from the oven.

3. Brush each biscuit with melted margarine. Sprinkle biscuits with cinnamon sugar.

4. While the biscuit is still very warm, carefully insert 5 almond slivers around the edge of the biscuit so it looks like the claws of a dinosaur.

5. Draw tracks near the edges on the clean squares of cardboard with the permanent markers.

6. Serve the claws on the cardboard squares.

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