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Fun with Labels – Art with Anything

art activity books for childrenby MaryAnn F. Kohl

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Do you have a few sheets of white address labels on hand, maybe even some with addresses incorrectly printed on them, or labels that didn’t quite line up? Things that stick are an inspiration for art any day of the week!

Materials for the Week

• child-safe scissors
• crayons, markers, paints, and paintbrushes
• drawing paper, construction paper or colored paper, sturdy paper or cardboard, poster board
• old magazines
• sealable plastic bag or envelope for storing puzzle pieces
• sheets of white address labels (used or new)

art with anything labels projectDay 1: Label Collage

• Color each individual label on a full sheet of white address labels in a different way. Draw designs on some labels, and cover others with single blocks of color.

• To make a simple label collage, peel and stick the labels on a colorful piece of paper in any fashion, overlapping the labels if desired.

• Picture Cover Art Idea: Cover a magazine picture or poster, leaving some of the picture exposed between colorful labels; fully covering other parts of the picture.

Day 2: Painted Label Art

Note: This art idea is for groups or partners.

• Each child paints, colors, or scribbles over an entire sheet of white address labels with one color.

• The artists then share their labels so everyone has different colored labels with which to work.

• Use the labels to make colorful collages.

• Mosaic Idea: Cut the labels into smaller squares and create a label mosaic on drawing paper.

Day 3: Woven Look Painting

• Paint a wash of colors on a large sheet of paper. Don’t worry about painting a picture—simply paint colors and shapes. Cover the paper completely.

• When dry, peel and stick labels in a planned pattern where the labels are spaced out in lines and rows (or some other pattern).

• The painting may resemble a weaving when viewed from a distance.

• Color or decorate the labels.

Day 4: Label Puzzle Craft

• Completely cover a sturdy piece of paper or cardboard with peel-and-stick labels.

• Draw a picture on the entire sheet of stickers, ignoring lines and sections.

• To make a puzzle, cut the sheet apart between labels.

• Reassemble the puzzle picture.

• When finished, store the puzzle pieces in a sealable plastic bag, envelope, or small box.

Day 5: Fancy Spaced-Out Labels

• Draw on a full sheet of blank labels using crayons, paints, or markers. A detailed picture or a freeform design will work equally well.

• Peel off each drawn-on label, and then reassemble the labels in the same order on a piece of poster board. Leave large spaces between the labels as you put them on the poster board. These spaces will create a larger version of the original piece of art, as well as an optical illusion.

• Some artists like to color or decorate between the labels; others prefer to leave the spaces untouched.

It's the process, not the product!