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Great American Artists for Kids Online Art Supplement 2

Great American Artists for Kids – Online Art Supplement 2

New American Ideas – Chapter 2

Chapter 1: Early American Art
Chapter 2: New American Ideas
Chapter 3: American Art Explodes
Chapter 4: American Art Onward

Bright Ring Publishing has carefully compiled a thorough selection of beautiful online images for each and every artist featured in Great American Artists. The images are provided in page order to correspond to the book.

From Chapter 2 – New American Ideas

Pg# Artist Life Project Name Style
34-35 Edward Hopper 1882-1967 Feelings Wash Over Realist
36-37 Frank Lloyd Wright 1867-1959 Bubble Window Architect
38 Gutzon Borglum 1867-1941 Carved Clay Realist
39 Grandma Moses 1860-1961 Busy Season Primitive, Folk Art
40 Hans Hofmann 1880-1966 Energetic Color Blocks Abstract Expression
41 Charles Demuth 1883-1935 Homage Portrait Precisionist
42-43 George Bellows 1882-1925 Sports Figures Realist, Ashcan School
44-45 Joseph Cornell 1903-1972 Box Assemblage Surrealist, Assemblage
46 Maria Martinez 1887-1980 Coil Pottery Potter, Traditional
47 Elijah Pierce 1892-1984 Bas Relief Clay Carving Folk Art
48-49 Horace Pippin 1888-1946 Daily Picture Diary Primitive
50 Thomas Hart Benton 1889-1975 Hero Mural Regionalist
51 Rube Goldberg 1883-1970 Invent A Rube Goldberg Cartoonist
52 Grant Wood 1891-1942 Gothic Paste-Up Regionalist

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