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Great American Artists for Kids Online Art Supplement 4

Great American Artists for Kids – Online Art Supplement 4

Chapter 1: Early American Art
Chapter 2: New American Ideas
Chapter 3: American Art Explodes
Chapter 4: American Art Onward

Bright Ring Publishing has carefully compiled a thorough selection of beautiful online images for each and every artist featured in Great American Artists for Kids. The images are provided in page order to correspond to the book.

From Chapter 4 – American Art Onward

Pg# Artist Life Project Name Style
100-101 Roy de Forest 1930-2007 Foil Friend Funk Art
102 Fritz Scholder 1937-2005 Foam Brush Faces Neo-Expressionist
103 Sandy Skoglund 1946- Surreal Tableau Photo Surrealist, Photography
104-105 Joseph Raffael 1933- Mega-Shiny Diptych Realist, Contemporary
106-107 Faith Ringgold 1930- Wish Quilt Narrative, Fabric
108 Jim Dine 1935- Heart Works Pop Art
109 Frank Stella 1936- Concentric Paint Abstract Minimalist
110-111 Alan Magee 1947- Rock On Realist
112-113 Chuck Close 1940- Color Grid Photorealist
114 Jewell James 1953- Sanded Wood Spirits Wood Carver, Traditional
115 Pepón Osorio 1955- Trinket Sculpture Installation
116 Beverly Buchanan 1940- Shack Sculpture Folk Art, Primitive
117 Maya Lin 1959- Memorial Plaque Architect
118-119 Bev Doolittle 1947- Camouflage Mixed Media Concept painter
120-121 Dale Chihuly 1941- Pool Spheres Installation, Glass
122-123 Kara Walker 1969- Free-Hand Silhouette Installation, Silhouette
124-125 Janet Fish 1938- Still Life with Glass Realist paint/cut
126 Julian Schnabel 1951- Masked Form Neo-Expressionist

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