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Twelve Tips to Self Publishing Success

12 Steps to Self Publishing Success

 – a PMA University Handout

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” I did it – – you can too!”

The Nitty Gritty – by MaryAnn F. Kohl

1. You gotta have heart!

  • Believe in yourself, in your book.
  • Missions statements and goals: I believe deeply in bringing good things to children.

2. Be realistic…

  • About yourself, your book, and what being in business means.
  • You gotta have heart, but you gotta have time, a realistic look at business, and some money to get you started.
  • In the beginnings
  • Later ons

3. Be ethical, responsible, generous

  • Accept responsibility when you’re wrong – and then Fix It but don’t give up when you’re right.
  • Do what you say, and always say thank you.

4. Make friends…

  • with the people with whom you interact
  • build relationships to count on over time

5. Focusing – a formula for success

6. Staying small, staying profitable, (and staying realistic!)

7. Distributors – a big decision

8. Hiring others

  • someone with knowledge – yes! that means you have to pay them!

9. Giving away books and the discount issue

10. Build a customer list

  • and treat them like friends

11. Expanding the touch

  • Writing for magazines
  • Guest on television

12. A Gimmick…and other branding successes.


It's the process, not the product!