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Primary Art

Over 100 art experiences that value the process of art more than the final product, for children ages 5 – 8 years

by MaryAnn F. Kohl

ISBN: 9780876592830

Gryphon House, Inc. 2005
184 pages
11 x 8.5″

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Primary Art is the long-awaited sequel to First Art and Preschool Art. In Primary Art, award-winning author MaryAnn F. Kohl offers children ages five to eight over 100 art experiences that value the process of art more than the final product.

A unique characteristic of Primary Art is that each art experience has three parts; it is introduced by a simple activity, progresses to a more experienced level, and finishes with a more intricate primary art experience. Budding artists get their feet wet with preliminary art experiences and then progress to more complex creativity within each art medium.

With this book, teachers, parents, after-school caregivers, and anyone working with children will encourage creativity, promote the process of art exploration, and appreciate the significance of the resulting art. Activities include “Shimmer Paint,” painting on aluminum foil with tempera and dish detergent, “Squeezy Batik,” a batik resist using a flour-water mixture and watercolors, “Crinkle Scruncher,” crinkled paper formed into sculptures, and “Jellie Dangles,” ornaments made with gelatin!

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