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Scribble Dabble – Primary Art

Primary Art by MaryAnn F. Kohlby MaryAnn F. Kohl

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1. Pre-Step – For budding artists:

Peel masking tape from a roll and tear off.

Stick to paper.


masking tape
choice of construction paper (any color, including white)

2. Preliminary Art Experience – Scribble Dabble:

scribble dabble art with anythingStick masking tape in a design on paper, and scribble over the paper and tape with crayons or markers. When finished, remove the tape to see the remaining design!


masking tape
choice of construction paper (any color, including white)
crayons or colored markers


1. Stick strips of masking tape to a sheet of construction paper in any design. Stick the tape lightly instead of pressing hard to make it easier to remove the tape in step four.

2. Scribble vigorously over the entire paper and tape, changing colors frequently.

3. When the paper is filled with color, carefully and slowly peel the masking tape away revealing the remaining design.

3. Primary Art Experience – Peel Away Tape Design:

Stick masking tape on a piece of mat board, embellish the open spaces with color, and then peel away the tape for a final design.


square of white mat board
masking tape (blue painter’s masking tape works best)
crayon, paint, colored marking pens


1. Stick strips of masking tape to a square of mat board in an intentional, planned design. Employ features of design by crossing the tape over itself, overlapping strips, and tearing off small pieces to stick to the mat design. It is important to plan to leave areas of white mat board showing between tape pieces.

2. Color the spaces left between the tape-lines with crayon, paint, or colored markers. The colors may be solid, or patterns and designs may be drawn to fill in the spaces.

3. Carefully and slowly peel away the tape to see the stencil effect remaining on the mat board. (Tape may be left on the work instead, if preferred.)

Other tape and stencil ideas:

• Spray the masking tape design with thinned tempera paint or liquid watercolor paint. Then remove the making tape.
• Create with contact paper instead of tape. Peel away after coloring the spaces and areas outside the contact paper.
• Tape designs on a blank t-shirt. Color in the open spaces with fabric marker. Then peel off the tape.


It's the process, not the product!