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Art Activity Workshops

Hands-On Process Art Workshops & Trainings

MaryAnn Kohl would enjoy visiting your group and sharing her fun-filled, process art presentations and workshops which include hands-on art ideas and activities for teaching children of all ages. Information regarding her on-site presentations is listed below. Contact MaryAnn to discuss your presentation needs.


General Presenting Background

Over the years since publishing her first book in 1985, MaryAnn has been consistently invited to speak at maryann F. kohl art activity booksworkshops, seminars and conferences of every size and variety and location, including: NAEYC conferences • Kindergarten conferences • early childhood educator seminars • International Reading Association conferences • Europe AEYC conferences • state AEYC conferences • Publishers’ Marketing Association’s Publishing Universities • writers’ and publishers’ groups around the country • individual classrooms with children • staff and teacher groups • parents of children – all ages and abilities • librarian trainings • variety of clubs • church groups • camp staff gatherings • homeschool and afterschool care.

Audience – presentations are suitable for the following:
• teachers of children, any ages (prefer preschool through grade 5)
• daycare caregivers, providers and directors
• ECE directors and teachers
• school district: art curriculum training
• parents of children ages 2 – 12 years
• education majors & graduate students
• elementary school student teachers
• scout leaders
• camp leaders
• church leaders
• education program developers

MaryAnn presents to large groups as well as small, gives a keynote address on a wide variety of topics with her bright, entertaining slide show, featuring hundreds of actual artworks by children. The most commonly requested presentation format is for MaryAnn to speak to a large group, and then offer several hands-on break-out sessions to follow. Any number of attendees is acceptable for the large group. Smaller groups will have more hands–on experiences; larger groups will see more art demonstrations. Always check with MaryAnn to work out your special requirements and expectations. She’s flexible and interested in working to your satisfaction.


Presentation Topics
A presentation may be tailored specifically for your group. Just let MaryAnn know what you need. She prefers a group session where adults can explore the “it’s the process, not the product” approach to creative development and hands-on art.


• ENHANCING LITERACY THROUGH EASY ART IDEAS: Learn how to enhance the enjoyment of favorite children’s books through easy companion art experiences. Inspire life-long readers through art. For anyone who works with children: teachers, librarians, parents, PTA. Relates to early readers, emergent readers, and reluctant readers. Lots of tips of classroom application. No expertise required. Anyone can do these quality art ideas with children.

Comments from attendees of a recent Enhancing Literacy workshop:
“Excellent workshop – thank you thank you thank you for broadening my understanding of art through hands on experience.”
“The class was a lot of fun…funny.”
“Well prepared and lots of resources.”
“Fantastic! Great speaking voice and real life stories!”

• Kids Discover the GREAT ARTISTS: Hands-on art for children in the styles of the great masters includes demonstrations of art ideas and possible audience art experiences; full-color slides of art by the great masters and corresponding children’s art; detailed hand-out. Hands-On Workshop available as a follow up to the group presentation.

Comments from attendees of a recent Great Artists workshop:
“I didn’t want it to end! Thank you for sharing your passion for art and children with me.”
“Great hands on, so much info, and can put into our program easily.”
“Loved her humor and warmness!”
“I loved the hands on activities!”

• NURTURING CREATIVITY IN CHILDREN: full color slide presentation to actively encourage creativity in children of all ages; suggested art projects included with either hands-on art experiences or art demonstrations by the author. Hands-On Workshop available as a follow up to group presentation.

• CREATIVE ART FOR TEACHERS OF PRIMARY AGED KIDS (Kindergarten thru Grade 3): Art projects are shared through a vibrant Powerpoint presentation that offer amazing results to delight and teach children ages 5-8 years. A unique characteristic of the art projects in Primary Art is that each single art experience has three levels to meet a variety of needs: simple and basic, more experienced and exploratory, and intricate or challenging for advanced artists. Teachers, parents, after-school caregivers, and anyone working with children will benefit from these art activities that encourage creativity, promote the process of art exploration, and appreciate the significance of the resulting art. Activities are sure to please, such as “Shimmer Paint,” painting on aluminum foil with tempera and dish detergent, “Squeezy Batik,” a batik resist using a flour-water mixture and watercolors, “Crinkle Scruncher,” crinkled paper formed into sculptures, and “Jellie Dangles,” ornaments made with gelatin! This presentation can be followed up with a hands-on workshop if you wish.

• YOUNG NON-FICTION AUTHORS: Young writers (ages k-5) meet with MaryAnn to share information about non-fiction writing, with hands-on art experiences from MaryAnn’s non-fiction art books.

Up-to-Date Publishing Topics:

• HOW TO PUBLISH YOUR TEACHING IDEAS: Slide presentation with all the how-to’s and expectations of deciding upon, organizing, and publishing your teaching ideas; great lists of resources; plenty of secrets to success.

• PUBLISHING – STAYING SMALL, STAYING PROFITABLE: Are you a self-publisher or a smaller publisher trying to decide your future growth? Listen to MaryAnn Kohl tell you how to stay small and stay profitable and live a great life!

• SAVVY STEPS TO PUBLISHING SUCCESS: MaryAnn shares her best hints and secrets for succeeding in publishing.

MaryAnn is available to consult with aspiring authors of non-fiction books. Contact MaryAnn for fees and details.

It's the process, not the product!