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Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines

Bright Ring Publishing is not accepting manuscripts at this time.

Bright Ring Publishing is not seeking artists or illustrators at this time.

Suggestions for up and coming authors:
Look at books that are similar to what you are thinking of submitting to a publisher, and see who published those books. Next, check those publishers’ websites and look at the part of their webpage called “manuscript guidelines” or “submission guidelines”. Follow their directives. They will be fairly specific. Some will say “no unsolicited manuscripts”, which means you must send a query letter or find an agent.

Every publisher has a specialty, and every publisher has guidelines. For example, do not send a picture book manuscript to a publisher who specializes in older reader novels. Find out which publishers specialize in the type of book you have written. Those are the publishers most likely to be interested in your manuscript.

You will be far ahead of other would-be authors if you check into each publisher’s guidelines before submitting your manuscript.

I hope you find this helpful, and wish you well on your publishing journey! Thank you for your interest in Bright Ring Publishing and children’s creativity.

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