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Fridge Frame – First Art

First Art by MaryAnn F. Kohlby MaryAnn F. Kohl

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Display children’s works of art inside plastic sheet protectors. Attach to the fridge with magnetic strips. Change artwork on display by slipping it in and out of the clear pocket for all to enjoy.

Prepare and Process

• Stick four squares of thin magnetic strips on the back corners of a sheet protector. The magnetic material comes with a peel-off backing and can be cut to any size.

• Press the sheet protector to the fridge, file cabinet, or any metal surface. It should hold firm.

• Slide an artwork into the sheet protector to view.

• Change artwork at any time.


• Cover the fridge with many display sheets.

• Create artwork on paper that fits inside a clear plastic CD case or a videotape box, which will be a natural display box when the art is slipped inside.

It's the process, not the product!