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Great American Artists for Kids Online Art Supplement

Great American Artists for Kids – Online Art Supplement

Early American Art – Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Early American Art
Chapter 2: New American Ideas
Chapter 3: American Art Explodes
Chapter 4: American Art Onward

Bright Ring Publishing has carefully compiled a thorough selection of beautiful online images for each and every artist featured in Great American Artists. The images are provided in page order to correspond to the book.


NOTE: The links suggested in this list offer websites reviewed by the authors – all safe and appropriate for young artists. From these sites, you can visit websites of the great museums and galleries from all over the world. However, websites change daily, and each site cannot be checked every day. We need your help.

First, websites should be explored with parents or a supervising adult – always. An adult should preview the website before jumping in with kids. Being on the Internet is like visiting an unexplored planet – exciting and informative – but adults should hold children’s hands for safety and guidance. If you find material on a website in these lists with inappropriate or questionable content for kids, please email the authors at Concerns will be addressed immediately. In addition, if you find a great website, we’d love to know so we can post it on our website for others to visit.

Searching Images
Though “image search” (Google and Yahoo is a great way in general to quickly see art of great American artists, be aware that unexpected images can pop up, some inappropriate for young viewers. Adults should always preview searches before children are included in the search activity.

About Wikipedia
Most of the artists in this book can be found at – with excellent images, information, and links to additional resources. Wikipedia is great starting point for Internet research about artists and their works. “Facts” on Wikipedia are not checked by official editors or experts. The Wikipedia website is written by everyone who wishes to add a fact or offer a link about a subject. Anyone can add to the pages, and anyone can put up a “flag” to question information found on a page. For the most part, this constant public review creates a rich and truthful body of knowledge. Let Wikipedia be one of the Internet research resources about great American artists, in addition to artists’ official websites and the websites of art museums and galleries.


from Chapter 1 – Early American Art

Pg# Artist Life Project Name Style
14-15 John S. Copley 1738-1815 Narrative Drama Realist, Narrative
16 Thomas Jefferson 1743-1826 Clay Keystone Arch Architect, Classical
17 Gilbert Stuart 1755-1828 Painted Crackle Crayon Realists, Portrait
18-19 Edward Hicks 1780-1849 Peaceable Collage Primitive
20-21 John James Audubon 1785-1851 Draw Bugs ‘n Critters Realist, Naturalist
22-23 Frederic Remington 1861-1909 Face Casting Realist clay/dough
24-25 Mary Cassatt 1844-1926 Monoprint Back-Draw Impressionist, Printmaker
26 Harriet Powers 1837-1910 Felt Appliqué Primitive, Quilter
27 Nathanael Currier 1813-1888 Assembly Line Coloring Illustrator, Printmaker
27 James Ives 1824-1895 Assembly Line Coloring Illustrator, Printmaker
28-29 Louis Comfort Tiffany 1848-1933 Bright Light Window Glass Artist
30 James McNeill Whistler 1834-1903 Side-View Portrait Realist
31 John Singer Sargent 1856-1925 Great Reproduction Realist
32 William Sidney Mount 1807-1868 Real Painting Realist

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